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DF Dairy Free
DFF Dairy Free Friendly Option Available
EFF Egg Free Option Available
GF Gluten Free
GFF Gluten Free Friendly Option Available
V Vegan
VF Vegan Friendly Option Available
VEG Vegetarian
VEGF Vegetarian Friendly Option Available


Coffee and light snacks will be served each morning at 7am in the kitchen.

All Day

Black tea and water are provided daily in the breezeway.

Thursday Evening - Latin Fusion

Pulled Pork Tacos (DF, GFF)
Tempeh Chili
Cilantro/Lime Rice
Pico de Gallo
Cuban Sandwiches (DF, GF)
Tostones & Chips & Salsa
Black Beans

Friday Morning - Your Morning Quickie!

Breakfast Sandwiches (DF, EFF, GFF, VF, VEGF)
Fruit Cup
Orange Juice
Milk (GF) or Almond Milk (DF, VEG)

Friday Evening - Asian Fusion

Pad Thai (DF, GF, VF, VEGF)
Sauteed Vegetables
Asian Ginger/Miso Salad
Pot Stickers (DF, VF, VEGF)
Stir Fried Tofu
Steamed Brown or White Rice

Saturday Morning - South of the Border Sunrise

Migas (DFF, GF, VF, VEGF)
Fried Potato
Refried Black Beans
Tofu Scramble
Bacon (DF, GF) or Bacon Alternative
Orange Juice
Milk (GF) or Almond Milk (DF, VEG)

Saturday Evening - Yee-Haw Texas BBQ!

BBQ Brisket (DF, GF)
BBQ Chicken(DF, GF)
BBQ Sausage (DF, GF)
Chopped BBQ Tofu Sandwiches (GFF)
Potato Salad (GF, VEG)
Pinto Beans (DF, GF)
Basil Pesto Pasta Salad (DF, V, VEG)
Bread (DF, V, VEG)
Pickles, Onions, Jalapenos

Sunday Morning - Chef's Special Creations

Leftover Creations (no allergen info available)
Kind Bars
Cliff Bars
Whole Fruit
Trail Mix

* Menu items are subject to change.