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We strive to provide a variety of instructors in various styles and modalities. Naked Yoga Camp will provide you a wide array of classes and workshops to enhance your well being. All yoga and pilates instructors are certified to teach.

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Roberto Alvarez · Alex · Cary · Bo · Daryn E. · Juniper · Todd G. · Ryan · Jericho · Todd J. · True · Michael · Eddy · Angel · John O. · Maek · Justin · Rio · Brian

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Roberto Alvarez Jr.

Roberto (on the left in the picture, with Daryn another yoga camp instructor) has been a certified instructor of Yoga, Zumba Fitness, Group Fitness, as well as a Nutritional Advisor since 2011. In 2015, he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Dance and is expected to obtain his Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Texas Woman’s University in 2018. Currently, he resides in Denton, Texas where he is exploring ways to incorporate the homosexual identity into his dance making process as a dance scholar and choreographer.

Born and raised in South Texas, I have had first hand experience with oppression as both a Latino and homosexual. Throughout my studies and experiences, I have learned to appreciate my culture and translate these experiences into art. My love for dance, community, and gay culture has opened many doors for me. It is a real privilege to be able to share my interests with others. I believe that “Any Body” can dance. Through improvisational scores and interactions with our surroundings, we can better understand others and ourselves as we strengthen our community, bodies, and mind. I hope to create this space for participants and allow for the opportunity to explore creativity and collaboration.

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Alex Cass

Alex specializes in energy work (Reiki) and often fuses that into his yoga practice. His yoga classes will help you build a stronger mind/body connection. Along the way, you may discover a deeper connection to your inner voice.

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Cary Choate

Cary believes using yoga to increase your fitness and mental calmness is not something with a final destination, but a path to be traveled throughout one's life, with many obstacles, achievements, and milestones. Finding the right motivation to maintain an active lifestyle can be a challenge, but very rewarding with the benefits of increased activity, mental calmness, and introspection that helps one find the appropriate path to travel.

Cary has been a practicing yogi since 1999 and has been teaching since 2002, having been trained in Hatha, Hatha Flow, and Vinyasa style classes. In 2010 he received the great and humbling honor to be named a Yoga Elder with the International Independent Yoga Network. However, his main inspiration for his classes is the saying, "When one person teaches, two people learn," for he has learned so much from his students over the years.

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DJ Boni D

“DJ Boni D” otherwise known as Bo to Austin Naked Yogis, is a retired former school principal. He began DJing while still a principal as the DJ for his school’s dances. After retiring, word spread regarding his DJ skills and since then he has served as DJ for weddings, anniversaries, school proms, quinceañeras, fundraisers, pageants, and school proms. This past October, DJ Boni D was the headline DJ for the Ollom Art Festival in NYC and will be returning to NYC again in October 2016. On May 13, DJ Boni D will the the DJ for the very first Gay Prom for the Pflugerville ISD high schools. DJ Boni D enjoys all types of music, both in English and in Spanish. DJ Boni D invites you to come dance to a variety of dance genres, from the 70s to the present, on Saturday night at 11 pm in the Sacred Space, for an exciting hour of music he calls “Dancemania.”

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Daryn E.

After being an Austin Naked Yoga student for several years, Daryn made the transition from student to teacher in 2010 and became one of Austin Naked Yoga's primary instructors. He teaches our very popular Saturday morning naked yoga class, which is a fun yoga workout that is based in both flow and stillness.

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Juniper Elderberry

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Todd Gibbs

Originally from a small East Texas town, Todd has found his home in Austin, a liberal oasis in Texas. Yoga is very popular in Austin and Todd began practicing yoga in 1998, and a decade later, he became a registered yoga teacher and co-manager of Austin Naked Yoga. Todd is also a certified Pilates instructor, so it’s not unusual for a little Pilates to sneak into his yoga classes. After years of practicing naked yoga, Todd says, "I can't imagine it any other way…naked yoga is honest, natural, sacred and beautiful."

Learn more about Todd at Austin Naked Yoga ( and Todd Pilates (

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Ryan Holland

Ryan was introduced to Bikram yoga after a bad car accident and experienced the healing powers of yoga first hand. Through a consistent yoga practice Ryan has transformed his entire life. He has been practicing yoga for over 5 years. Ryan was trained in Vinyasa Power Yoga at CorePower Yoga in downtown Austin, TX. He has a passion for helping others reach their highest potential through yoga. His focus on breath and mindfulness are key in a strong practice. You can expect to be challenged. to overcome physical and mental obstacles, and most importantly, connect with your true, authentic self.

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Jericho is…a man like me; A relatively groovy person who enjoys a good cup of tea and conversation about the weather—smile

In practice since 1999, I now enjoy teaching the art of yoga, always remembering to merge the ancient groove to your specific abilities. As a certified personal trainer, I tend to blend the western training with the eastern to give a more balanced experience that can be carried 'off the mat' and into your world. Hey, it is time…what are you waiting for?!
RYT200 & CFT

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Todd Jost

Todd is a certified yoga instructor and retired professional ballet dancer, who not only enjoys sharing the knowledge he has been given, but also enjoys the inherent sharing of energy of all those participating in class. Todd's classes flow with healing energy.

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True Blake

My given name is Blake Jung, but I go by my spirit name, TRUE. This name was given to me while training to become a yoga instructor at the YogaSchool Institute in the amazing country of Guatemala. I have been practicing yoga, meditation, and mindful living around the world for over eight years. Now I am excited to bring my training and passion to those I teach.

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Michael Lange

Michael is a certified Power Yoga instructor and the founder of “Central Ohio Nude Yoga.”

Michael teaches Power Yoga, a Vinyasa style yoga class that cultivates strength, stillness and endurance in the physical body, calmness and serenity in the mind and kindness and generosity in the spirit. Power Yoga sequences are designed as a steady dynamic flow of connected yoga poses linked with the breath to create a powerful moving meditation. This class is suitable for all ages, physical conditions and experience levels. Modifications for the poses will be given based on the participants' abilities.

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Eddy Latham

Eddy Latham, although only 28, is a bit of an "old soul." His interests are diverse and include yoga, acro-yoga, dance, and of course being naked! Eddy believes there is nothing more revealing than for one to be naked and explore movement. There is no hiding from yourself when you are naked. There is no faking movement when naked. Through his classes, Eddy hopes to open both the mind and body, increase confidence, and nurture love for self and others.

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Angel Luis Nieves

Born and raised in New Jersey. Angel's path to inner observation began as a dancer at the age of 14 and a working professional by 19. Dancing for PFunk Dance Company(Bev Brown.BDC) Nsync, Disney, Bollywood, SYTYCD, MTV/VH1, StyleNet, TrimSpa and Microsoft.

In 2009, Angel stumbled upon yoga through a good friend/mentor Chris Loebsack who told him, “You're a Yogi and you don't even know it.” And with that It had begun. Angel obtained his certification in 2010 RYT at Sundari Yoga in Stroudsburg, Pa. He began to feel a shifting. With a curiosity in Philosophy/Psychology along with Dance found that Yoga made a profound difference.

Naturally the next step in his evolutionary path was to develop his own unique approach and interpretation to Yoga with influences of Contemporary Dance, Aerial Yoga (Om Factory NYC), Contortion Animal Flow, Barre, Pilates, Pole, Thai Massage, Inversions and Arm Balances.

Angel guides students through a thought-provoking and creative practice. Inspiring to find and recognize ones own potential both on and off the mat. Angel's energy is contagious, combining Dynamic Flexibility, Mobility Work, Pranayama and Therapeutics. With his extensive knowledge in creative movement and Yoga, he creates an experience with humor, depth, intelligence sequencing, and transitions. Known for his sexy hybrid of athleticism and grace.

In 2014 Embody · Aspire to Inspire was born; a living artistic endeavor encompassing the spectrum of the arts, that includes classes, privates, teacher training, workshops, master classes, and corporate/team functions.

Angel likes to say:

“Give your breath a liquid quality and drink your life in. Believing in this will help us continually evolve, which will evolve or perception, ultimately developing trust in our bodies and ourselves. Just breathe and believe.”
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John Ollom

John received his MFA from Goddard College and his BFA in Ballet from Texas Christian University where he trained under Stephanie McFarlane Rand, Li Chou Cheng of Beijing Ballet and Fernando Bujones of American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet.

He has been teaching in New York City and around the country since 2000. His methodology has been taught at the Eastern Michigan University, Kalani Retreat Center in Hawaii, Atmananda Yoga Sequence, Baruch College, CUNY Hostos, CUNY in the Heights, Easton Mountain Retreat Center and every summer at the Ollom Movement Art Summer Program at Smith College.

In 2010-2011, John Ollom was chosen as the Artist in Residence at the Eastern Michigan University Dance Department. Since 2002, John has served as the Artistic Director of Ollom Movement Art/Prismatic Productions, Inc. where he has choreographed such works as The Catalyst, Love and Longing, the Journey, John Ollom's The Journey, Anatomy of Woman, Dido and Aeneas, The Other Species, Love Stories, Internal Landscapes, Man of War, M.U.D. (Men Under Dirt), Kuan Yin's Compassion, Nemetona, The Portal, and Prisoner of My Projection. His choreography and direction can also be seen in the film "Karpos and Kalamos".

John's work has been the subject of three documentary films: "Late Bloomers" by Annette Cyr, Professor of Art at the National University in San Diego; "The Making of M.U.D.: An Exploration of the Work of John Ollom and Ollom Movement Art" by Robert Kazmayer, MA; and, "There's Something About John" by Emma McCagg. 

Read more about John at or in his book "Internal Landscapes."

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Maek Peace

The movement arts have always been a major interest since Maek discovered he could move to his own rhythm. He has devoted his life to expression in an attempt to learn about the self. An endearing love for movement, and its inherent connection with the self, continues to encourage him to study dance and yoga. He currently studies contact improvisation, a modern dance form, with his ‘dance family’, as well as Kundalini and children’s yoga. He completed Yoga Yoga’s 200-hour Kundalini Level 1 Teacher Training in May 2011. He has also completed two modules of Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training, which included a component about working with ADHD, autistic, and differently-abled children. He is currently working to complete a 95-hour Radiant Child Yoga Specialization and the 500-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher certification.

Maek’s experiences as a Kundalini and children’s yoga teacher have led him to believe that peace is only ever a breath cycle away. In his classes, you can expect to hear consistent cues for the breath, introductions and applications of a variety of breath techniques, and moments where you are instructed to just breathe. Bringing a “gentle” consciousness to the breath can lighten us. Maek also believes that many of the mental discomforts that the modern person faces stem from a disregard or distraction from the natural rhythm of the body. In his classes, you can expect to be given the space to discover these rhythms and the opportunity to work within this natural flow.

Maek considers Yogi Bhajan, Mehtab, Guru Karam, Siri Bahadur, Shakta Kaur Khalsa and the little things in life to be his most influential teachers. When Maek is not teaching yoga, he can be found working as the Assistant Center Manager of Yoga Yoga North—and when he is not at work he is playing the Native American flute or writing about what things come to mind.

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Justin Rockett

Justin Rockett has been teaching yoga since 2011 and is a 200 hr-ERYT. He is also a Physical Therapist, LMT, and a Personal Trainer.

My love for yoga is an extension of a gymnastics and dance background. After a Men's Body Electric Retreat in Costa Rica, I soon developed a strong desire for detaching what society dictates, and to connect with spirit, my fears, and my true loveable self. My teachings are a fusion of spirit guided practices with a foundation anatomy and physiology to keep you safe and continually evolving. After teaching a Men's Naked Yoga Class in Tampa, Florida for two years and seeing the benefits not only for myself, but my students, I decided to create a website that could be multidimensional with an emphasis on creating a nude yoga community and sharing the message that our body is a sacred vessel to our spirit. National naked yoga directory, inspiration and naked yoga videos are available for you at I hope you can become a part of the ever growing nude yoga community. You do not have to be flexible to practice yoga and you do not have to be skinny or athletic to get naked, you only need to be open to the possibility of finding more joy, more acceptance, and a greater capacity to love and be loved. Namaste.

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RIO aka JIM SALERNO is a bodyworker, mover and recent permaculture educator specializing in Myofascial Release Therapy. He is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY, and has completed an apprenticeship in Reichian-based body therapy in VT. He has also studied with the Body Electric School and uses this to inform his work. Over the past 15 years, he has crafted a self-directed study combining his knowledge of Eastern and Western healing arts modalities, permaculture design, dance (butoh and improvisation), yoga asana (Bikram, Iyengar and Kundalini), qi gong and Compassionate Communication. This has afforded him the privilege of working closely with master teachers of various disciplines from across the US, Canada, Peru, Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Finland and the Phillippines.

RIO offers inspired and highly skilled therapeutic massage and integrative bodywork sessions designed to lead folks to a present moment-based awareness of their breath and their sensations, and to increase their capacity for pleasure and self-awareness. Currently, he is authoring workshops and classes designed to bring the role of the body back into deeper relationship with itself, with other bodies, and with the body of this planet that we live with.

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Brian Swager

Brian is a certified Massage Therapist, has had intensive training with the Body Electric School, the Upledger Institute, and at Indiana University where he earned a Masters and Doctoral degrees in music. Additionally, his background includes experience with Cranio-Sacral Therapy, the Alexander Technique, ballet and sacred dance, yoga, and as a performing musician.